Latest work | 23 bridges


The 23 bridges series contains references (clearly visible or hidden) to various artists, musicians or intellectuals in general.
Some of them are: 

Malevich, Antonin Artaud, T.S. Eliot, André Masson, Gustav Dore, Luis Buñuel, The Velvet Underground, George Heimonas,
Andrei Tarkovsky, Brancusi, Pasolini, Psychic tv, Demetrio Stratos

Emphasis has been given to three of them: Antonin Artaud, G. Heimonas and Demetrio Stratos.
They share in common the exploration on the limits of language and a radical approach to life itself  - transformed by the
passion that their revelations bring forth. 

Stratos says:
"If a new vocality can exist, it must be lived by all, and not singularly: an attempt to get freed by the condition of listener and
spectator to which the culture and politics have accustomed us. This work does not be assumed as a passively listening, but as
'a game in which life is at risk' ".     Demetrio Stratos from Metrodora - in Italian


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